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• 11/27/2017

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• 7/9/2016

Pages on the wiki

A number of pages running into the double digits need to updated to the current version of the game, Such as the corrupted forest page (MM/DD/YYYY 7/9/2016, 4:40 EST) Anyone who can see this message please route the pages and refine the content to modern standards. ~Curly
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• 12/2/2015

0.4.0 Brings A Lot Of Work

Us Heroes' LEgacy wikia staff needs to get to work with all the new updates we are getting for the game. Let's get started!!
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• 12/2/2015

Upcoming Content: What To Expect

So, there's been a lot of stuff concerning the upcoming Christmas update, which is going to be awesome.  However, there's a lot more to it than what you see on the trello.
For starters, the /DEV/ server (found on Vor's profile) has been getting updated constantly since last week.  Just today, we got a bunch of bug fixes, the Blink ability, and two new quests.  We can probably expect stuff like this throughout the coming months.
And speaking of the coming months, it looks like we may be looking at two big updates: first, the Christmas Update (4.0.0), and second, the full release.  The full release doesn't have a confirmed date yet, but Vorlias has said a couple of times that we can expect to see it as early as LATE JANUARY.
In this update we will PROBABLY (speculations, based off of things the devs have said) see: quests and items up to level 25, the completion of Stonecliffe as a zone, and a DUNGEON.  GUYS, A FREAKIN' DUNGEON.
So yeah.  Talk about that, and what you'd like to see soon.
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• 12/2/2015

Christmas Update

What do y'all think about the upcoming Christmas Update? What do you hope will be in store for the new update and whether or not you would like it.
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• 8/10/2015

August 12th, 2015

On this date, we will play Heroes' Legacy. We may also be using the HL Wikia's Live Chat(for those who can).
The date can always change, but I hope it doesn't. I don't know what time it should be though, however. Hopefully Vorlias can join.
If you're up for it, nice. If you can't do it, try listing a time and we may be able to reschedule?
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• 8/7/2015

[Wikia Suggestion] Changing the Wiki Content tab.

Should probably change the Location, Items, and NPC things to be categorized by map, or class, or whatever. ex.
Location, put everything on a seperate page, name the button "Stonecliffe"
Items, remove the Novice's Intellect set, add a button for the mage class.
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• 8/7/2015


Haven't put a lot of work into the wiki lately. By Monday, I'll be ready to get more work done.
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• 8/4/2015

I've made my own Wikia!

I'm like- "I know a lot about Legacy Classic, so...why not make a helpful wikia about it?"
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• 8/4/2015


Being as this is a Wikia, there must be some type of moderation. So, will this Wikia be getting some moderators and/or giving people types of powers?
I'm only asking this because I mostly forum on these Wikias, with the occasional edit, so I could be a Forum moderator.
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• 8/4/2015

Legacy FTW

First thread, hope it stays forever.
Remember playing Legacy 2 RPG(now known as Legacy Classic) back in 2011, still play it a bit today.
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