This page is accurate as of v0.4.3.16030300.

Rogue Class

The Rogue Class is one of the current five classes. This class uses shadowy attacks to keep hidden. The night incarnate; the rogue uses stealth, assassination and light weaponry to take out his enemies.

Rogue Abilities

Icon Name Level Type Description
Critical Strike 1 Ability A quick strike with your weapon(s) that does (115% DPS) damage.
Stealth 5 Ability Makes you invisible until you're in combat or the spell is stopped.
10 Ability

Rogue Branches

Rogues have several branches in which they can span out to by Level 10. Level 10 is when branches unlock.

  • Assassin - A rogue assassin that strikes enemies off guard with large amount of damage and burst.
  • Brawler - A rogue fighter that is trained in the art of fighting and can sustain in battles longer than most rogues.