Stonecliffe is a large town in the Southern Lands. It's the only town right now in Heroes' Legacy currently. Stonecliffe has many people and several shops that players can purchase goods at.

Important People

Father Brian- Cleric Instructor

Kaimoana- Innkeeper

Archmage Eriana- Mage Instructor

Stronn Garum- Warrior Instructor


Grimmli- A Dwarf who runs the forge. Sells Swords and Armour.

Kozak Zuramar- A Merchant in Stonecliffe who sells Misc. Items.

General Trader- A Merchant in Stonecliffe who sells Potions.

Notable Places

These places are important and well known in the Stonecliffe region. Stonecliffe is filled with buildings and caverns and places to explore.

- Stonecliffe Inn

- Stonecliffe Caverns

- Stonecliffe Barracks

- Stonecliffe Mage Tower

- Stonecliffe Church

- Southern Village

- Southern Valley

- Tyaardos

- Southern Port

- Northern Embassy

- Zyranos

- Corrupt Forest

- Southern Forest