Warrior Class


The warrior class is one of the five playable Classes within Heroes Legacy. This class uses aggro to power their attacks. Warriors use heavy armor to tank through incoming damage. The warrior attacks with strikes of alternating weight, destroying their enemy.

Warrior Abilities

Icon Name Level Type Description
Aggro strike
Aggressive Strike 1 Ability Deals a hard blow to the target which damages them up to (230% DPS) HP.
Charge 5 Ability Charges towards your opponent, stunning them.

If you are not in combat, this will initiate combat.

Eviscerate 10 Ability Attempt to finish the enemy, inflicting up to (350% DPS) damage.

 Only usable on targets with 20% or less health. 

Warrior Branches

Warriors have several branches in which they can span out to at Level 10. Once a player reaches Level 10, they are given the option to branch out.

  • Barbarian - A warrior who is very aggressive and dual wields weapons, including 2 handed weapons.
  • Knight - A warrior who is defensive, and can wield shields.