Zenerith is the planet in which most of the Legacy Franchise takes place, as well as the game Heroes' Legacy. Zenerith is in a star system that orbits around a star named Zura. Other planets orbiting Zura are unknown in name and attributes, but some may be game locations, and even have more sentient beings, though it hasn't been confirmed that there is life on an other planet orbiting Zura.

Zenerith's History

Zenerith is known by its people to have been created by the Titans, humanoid gods that shaped the world with there powers. Evidence of this is backed up by a Titan ruin called Tyaardos. The Titans are usually referred to as the Asgaardians- Ӕsir & Vanir, who are said to be the creators of Zenerith and all the inhabitants. Legends also tell of the 'dark gods' who could be responsible for the evils and corrupts that reside on Zenerith. Agarök, one of these 'dark gods' is imprisoned in Tyaardos, and is rumored to be the cause of the Corrupted Forest.

Zenerith's Inhabitants

Zenerith is filled with living creatures, shaped by the Titans. The population on Zenerith is unknown, but it can figured to be a pretty large amount as Zenerith has many sentient races, and plenty of other beings.


Humans are one of the sentient beings in Zenerith. They live throughout the land and seem to be smart, and create towns and live in high levels of society. The human culture is based around being civilized and organized peoples.


Azuri are an elven race that has purplish and bluish flesh. They seem to be touched with magic and sorcery, unlike many of the other races.


Dwarves are short humanoids that seem to be naturally hairy. They are commonly miner's and can be known to have gruff personalities.


Vsagari are also known as Nordic Elves. They have yellowish tinted skin, and are much larger than humans. They seem to be geared towards war, and have many great warriors coming from their ranks.


Goblins are short and have long wicked ears that point at the end. Their flesh is different shades of green and they take up work in a parts of Zenerith.

For information of the remaining races see races.

Zenerith's Landscape

Zenerith has many different regions, such as snowy white capped mountains, dark forests, and oceans of blue as far as eyes can see. Zenerith is divided up into three main continents, though islands break of these regions, and not all of them are one. The three main continents are: Northern Kingdoms, Southern Lands, and Isles of Arion.